The Wind Below

A Stormy Marriage
Session 1


Player Characters:

James Highbridge (Craig)
Dr. Sebastian Von Dussel (Nathan)
Aremis Saxton (JR)
Pol Redacre (Hantsch)

Non-player Character(s):

Chieftain Thamsaka Mistriki
Ayanda Mistriki
Bombatta Mistriki
Father Samuel Holloway
Martha Holloway
Professor Mary Mannion
Lieutenant Jason Norrell
Pippa Hounslow
Alexander Le Strange


May 7, 823 A.F.


Mwamba Botto (Mistriki territory)


  • Encounter 1: Mistriki Warriors
  • Encounter 2: Creatures from the Gloom


Favor from the Chief of the Mistriki granted to the guests at the table thanks to Hantsch’s character discovering the hidden chieftain.


You are all honored guests at the mass wedding of one thousand Mistriki warriors sworn to the great chief Thamsaka. Among the one thousand is the most honored wedding of all, the chief’s daughter Ayanda, mending a rift between the Mistriki and their rivals the Dreykarii.

You are seated at a large table with several other Odyssian guests. The good doctor Sebastian is having a thought experiment with Father Samuel Holloway involving a curious tradition of the Mistriki chieftains. On the day of the wedding of his daughter a Mistriki chief can refuse no request, no matter how outlandish. To avoid having his kingdom taken with a wish, the chief will typically stay far away from the wedding. Airship seemed the way to travel the farthest distance.

Aremis Saxton, captain of the airship Saving Grace (it still says Rhythm Method on the paperwork) has a different theory, confirmed by Pol Redacre. Chief Thamsaka would never miss his daughter’s wedding and is likely attending, but in disguise. As the lengthy wedding drags on and the roiling clouds of a sizable gloom storm begin to climb onto the great plateau you search for the chieftain.

Before long, with keen perception, Pol discovers him. A helmed guard that looks a little too old for his duties. When you uncovers his secret he grants you a favor which you may claim later.

As the storm approaches the time has come for the wedding of Ayanda Mistriki. There is a sudden commotion. Ayanda is missing, along with several of the Odyssian guests. Thamsaka is outraged! “Seize them” he exclaims, speaking of the now suspicious Odyssian guests. As his guards close in on you, you see the Saving Grace take off from its moorings. Someone has taken the ship!

Lieutenant Jason Norrell makes a fighting retreat to his airship, the Intrepid, with supporting fire from Dr. Von Dussell’s lightning gun. You make it to the ship and pursue the Saving Grace which is headed toward Rock Ridge. As you do so you are hit by the Gloom storm, and are attacked by the mutated beasts that lie within.

You fight them off as you make your way toward the port of Rock Ridge.


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